Poem – “Losing Breath” – Romance – 5/12/2020

Crawl up,

As you were


Deep in the ocean's bowels,

Driving the world into a flood

Of rapidity,

Among overlapping emotions.

You'll seek to gain

What the world has long lacked

Upon its very back.

Setting sail to the distant sunrise

Where moonlight comes crashing down

For our voiceless prayers.

Crawl up

For breath,

Because love has some new air for you to breathe,

After all you thought it to be

Was the water to drink,

Though it had stung your closed eyes.

Here all the fates come colliding,

Entering remembrances,

Eating our teardrops,

Belittling our mouths

Open for the rain,

Letting loose the pain

In tragic screams.

I have long wanted

Your hair to flow with the settling snow,

Not for your smile to see the whole uncertainty

Of something deeper than you've ever dived.