Philosophy – “Why Art should Never be Political” – 5/13/2020

Why is it that over the centuries, we have had beautiful art that has touched the viewers, or the listeners, or the readers to a level where they had wept? It is because a common factor of humans is to hide a vulnerability. What had made them weep, was the art connecting to the vulnerability.

Politics is out in the open. There is nothing more open than politics. In fact, the more “open” something is, the less human it is, and the more mass produced and mechanical it is. From people expressing their homosexuality to the open, to those who want another to accept them for their “identity”, the more exposed something is, the less human value it has. Pretty soon, such things are only left with monetary value, and they become used as tools for marketing demographics, and nothing more.

Why is the genius always hailed as the once-in-a-million person to come around? It is because the genius is never mass produced. The genius comprehends things at a level most others would not understand, without writing hundreds of books on their knowledgeable subjects. Without the genius painting a million paintings, the genius feels he or she cannot depict what they mean to say to the world. And even then, it feels empty.

Everything in the open, among everything repeatedly exposed or simply repeated, turns the art world into something based on gain and greed. It objectively loses its touch with humanity.

Again, we, as humans, always hide our fears, our vulnerabilities. But, the art world is objectively meant to convey what another hides away. In that sense, it makes the viewer, the reader, or the listener cry to it. On that human level, it makes them want to embrace the painting, the poem, the music as if it were a real person. They feel as though the emotions in the work have connected to something they’ve forgotten.

Beauty is the revealed truth. Beauty is what art is meant to convey. The truth that is out in the open, is the same as differing the fast food from the gourmet cuisine.

Nature has her paws on all this, and no amount of “advancement” nor “progress” can ever withstand what she controls.