Poem – “Kiss me to Believe” – To New Love – Pt. 1 – Romance – 5/14/2020

Steps are taken,

Steps are walked

Down towards the heavy shores

Where a maid plays her harp

To the sounds of the gulf,

She adores.

I am in the arms of emptiness,

As my form makes up

The universe, eclipsed from light.

The purpose in love

Is to feel its warmth,

To feel the wash of pain away

From where innocence comes to play.

I want to kiss,

As I want a kiss

Nested upon my bare arms,

For they have carried too heavily

Themselves, without another one held.

Another love

Falls from the sky,

Is caught

Before she descends into the tide.

Where does beauty have its reflection,

In the ocean's white,

Or in the sky's blue?

She shall see

What can come to be

Of our departure and romance

To the firmament

Of who we are, without distance,

Only newness

In love's elegant entrance.