Philosophy – “Why Abstraction is the Destruction of Art” – 3/11/2022

“The creation of art is just as it is, before destroyed. When it is destroyed, the destruction is not another creation because creation cannot follow a domino effect without it becoming mass production. A routine, according to a domino effect, is therefore not creative. Creativity is spontaneous inspiration, the effect of lust, or the willingness to create without desire for its purpose or utility. Creation simply exists, not to any specific end, though will create of its own without the routine-driven energies that drive what repetition does, being to deaden meaning.”

– Modern Romanticism

What gets destroyed? Meaning. Meaning is non-existent with death, because to the grieving individual lost without meaning for what had existed, is ignorant to know that love does not die, does not lose all meaning. In life, there is truth. In death, there seems for grieving individuals the absence of all meaning. That is depression.

It is because of loss that within all things dark, void, or non-existent of truth, there is death, though also the denial for what does not die. Love cannot die, because memories are unable to meet death at their end. Then, why does an artist’s works live on, when death meets the life of the artist? That is because of the presence of love given to what goes on, being the works that like children to a mother, are there to carry the flame of memory. When death is what corrupts the grieving individual’s heart to see no meaning in life, there is meant to be understanding to the perfection of love in how it perfects meaning. We cannot destroy love, cannot declare God to be truly dead, without sheer denial in question to the meaning of life.

Life holds meaning. Death lacks all meaning in its place of absence. If art can be abstract, then abstraction is a murderer. If someone can believe the mass-produced artwork is meaningful, then they’ve contradicted themselves on their supposed understandings of art. Art is, not ever something specific, though is. Art simply is, because it cannot be subjective. Objective, as art is, to meanings that are not specific, because specifics follow the numerical. If a numerical is ever meaningful, then we have found meaning in death.

If there is meaning in death, then we can state to the grieving individual to remain in grief, out of our cruelty within such words, because that is same to believe they should find healing within their depression. As one cannot fell a building without stating the building was once created, the felled building is an example of chaos. Who says to the earthquake that destroys a village that what is viewed of suffering and loss of shelter is something beautiful and meant to be admired? In the belief that a person who is homeless is beautiful, as homeless, is perhaps to mean that their conditions of life should never be improved. This person, in viewing death or loss or poverty to be beautiful would not ever lift a finger to aid those in distress.

Chaos is not the creation, as abstraction is not. Abstraction or chaos is the absence of order, as things such as order, life, or truth are creations. Life depicts itself as truthful, for every individual is able to create their own stories to tell out of experiences. If abstract art is ever truthful, then what was created to begin with? As in, what of abstract art is the creation, if its intention is to break the rules and boundaries of art? And if those boundaries are broken without the rules being first learned, then what has been broken? In the same sense, can a building be destroyed before it was created? It cannot. Since it cannot, then no abstraction can be itself without the acknowledgement that life, truth, and all manner of creation is being destroyed. This is the same mindset as someone who would find a bloodbath or bloody massacre to be beautiful, with the luxury of not knowing those who died. It is that luxury, because those who know the pain of loss are those who crave to understand what is still meaningful.

Philosophy – “The Flaws of Abstract Art” – 11/3/2020

“Were humans be able to comprehend each other, with ease, we’d do so, through art.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is like grief, where we lose something we found to be more valuable than us, that such sadness becomes a universal understanding. We are not limited by our sadness, for tears are always infinite. The suicidal person may indeed exit this world, in the same way they entered it. Weeping. Yet, the joys of this world come with tears, too, only they are sweet.

From grief, to joys, to all manner of emotion, such universal aspects are not achieved with abstraction. The confusion that relates to a viewer of such abstract “art”, is not in relation to the universal truth of what Creation is meant to be. An understanding. Of ease, in that comprehension, makes up art. Why should we not be the ones to see perfection in the flaws? Yet, if abstract art is purified flaw, then there’s nothing universal of it. It is merely the confusion that sets us apart, through ignorance.

When a painting or a song allows us to feel, such rising emotions are what all can comprehend. To see a painting that might depict the loss of a child, will relate to any viewer who understands the “pain of loss”. The pain of loss, or the hopes that can also be shared through art, are not of abstraction. Again, “abstraction” is merely the depiction of division. Division, for that is not the connection that a universal understanding would bring.

Abstraction, while it defines itself as a “breaking” of rules and boundaries, is essentially just division. Though, the viewers are especially divided among their opinions, their voices, rather than through universally comprehending what the art reveals. For what it reveals, meant to be universal, is truth. Meant to inspire, for how are we not, when we look upon something that moves us? Stirs us, due to that such an artwork made us feel what we normally avoid?

Humans have a tendency to avoid such secrets, of themselves, as they begin to dream of them when it is dark. It is dark, as such dreams are the light that we, at first chose not to make as art during daytime. As such, we are meant to take what we see, in our subconscious, because that is the artist’s inspiration. Truth. It is because “truth” stands for what we can reveal, out of courage, so that a viewer, or listener, or reader may also understand what they’re avoiding of themselves.

Quote – “As Abstraction is the Relived Disorder” – 8/18/2020

“It is that the art, in the manner of abstraction, must be the disorder relived of, and through, the artist’s mind. If an artist creates, then they replicate what is upon their mind. If what their mind faces, is disorder, then the canvas will be torn apart with the colors. What has been ‘created’, has instead, been discreated. It has been caused. Such an artist will not ever respect the art, when the further damage will be the ‘further artistic implement’. Entropy is the breaking down of the substance, over time. If the artist causes their work’s decay, they are a destroyer. If decay is the mark of the abstraction, then a viewer’s admiration comes off to it as question. For when the abstract artist is enlivened by their viewer’s perplexity, it is merely the reminder, the reliving, of the faults that exist in that artist’s mind.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Why Abstract Art is not Art” – 6/5/2020

Abstract. By its definition on Google, it means:

  • Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.

Such means, that it cannot be a creation, though only a disfigurement of one. By what art refers to, it is always a creation, something materialized into shape. Though, if art is not physical, not made as a shape, then it is not made, not created.

Therefore, Abstract Art cannot be art, if it was never created, never an expression, because it never even took place on the canvas.

Such means, that Abstract Art is the disorder or destruction of all objective art. If it never had a physical presence, never made an awareness to a familiar world, then it was never created. Is art not a creation of something? Don’t we create art? If so, then Abstract Art is not the creation of art, as much as it is the destruction of it.

In this sense, one can relate Abstract Art to the car driver who got into a bad accident, and now becomes a quadriplegic.

If art is creation, and we, as humans, create art, then again, what is Abstract Art? Just like one cannot create destruction, though only destroy what has been created, it is the same with Abstract Art.

That is, Abstract Art is destruction, incarnate. It is the essence of disorder, not a making of anything except the dismantling and deconstruction of structure. It can’t be art, in that sense, if one is merely using art as a tool to destroying something, rather than create something. In fact, it wouldn’t even be a tool to destroy something, as much as Abstract Art is just a device to destroy art.

Once more, if art is a creation, then Abstract Art is the destruction of all creation. It is the enactment of pessimism, and if we are those who express pessimism, then we may as well all be victims of suicide.

Quote – “The Egotism within Abstract Art” – 5/20/2020

“Much of the fault within egotism is the lack of being honest, out of a desire for personal gain. If the common saying for an artist or a creator is to say that no one can comprehend their work, then is the abstract artist merely the deceiver? If the common saying for abstract art is to say that one cannot understand the piece, then it must be that the abstract artist is never honest. What is the point in saying that a viewer to the artist or creator’s work cannot comprehend it, when the artist themselves desires for others to look upon it? Tread down this direction enough, as a creator, and one can believe for themselves that their work should never be seen by another person’s eyes. That is egotism. For one trait behind the narcissistic individual is to say that no one understands them. They will say this repeatedly until it is only their reflection they look upon.”

– Anonymous

Philosophy – “Why Art is not Subjective” – 5/18/2020

“For all the infinite amount of pains in this world making up the subjective realm, there is still the seemingly ignored objective realm of love. What is art, if not expression? What is both love and expression, if not freedom and liberation? Therefore, whoever thought that standards were confinement, instead thought to enslave.”

– Anonymous

Call art to be subjective, then you’ve automatically turned the quality of an artwork to the quantity of an artwork. Subjectivity is defined as a whole being fragmented into a multitude. It is a fact, something objective, being turned into the numerous. It is what defines abstraction, when a person of such numbers, not wholeness, cannot see themselves as the latter. They see themselves fragmented, unable to collect what they can place in a piece for another to understand.

An artist should care for what the viewer thinks, as what has been created should be clear. Convey truth, like a leader should, with that clearness and an honest self. Truth is what art is meant to reveal. Everything of a person, that is broken, should not become art until it is collected of every fragment. Otherwise, the division you place in your art, as an artist, creates the inevitable confusion the viewer feels of your abstraction, when they cannot understand it.

Art cannot be subjective, when the greatest of masterpieces were created from the greatest of pain, meant for the connection to the viewer. In that connection, there is the oneness and union associated with love. The greatest of sorrows, being of emotions that are meant to create union among a world of viewers who are not blind, created that art. Love, a universal emotion, heals pain, being of numerous conflicts. If we, as artists, use our art to heal, then we are saying that art is objective. If we, as artists, use our art to show and glorify pain, then we are saying that art is subjective. Art is meant to heal pain, not create further shock.

It is true that for each person, their tale for their pain is different. Though, it is not so different in how we heal each other.

Love is the uplifting inspiration of art. If love is said to come from God, and God is said to be a creator, then where it also says that flesh will rise to be in Heaven, it merely means that truth is revealed through the trust for it. Why would an artist be so egotistical to say that no one on Earth can comprehend their work? It is egotism, because it isn’t true.

The honest art, as the pain that can be ripped from the agonized artist, is all the honesty to do with what art is meant to create. Healing. Art is meant to heal, and for all its diverse styles for each tale of pain, what person out there could not comprehend perhaps the pain of loss? To lose something important is something that each person can comprehend is the same sort of sting. Still filled with the pain, though it is only the story conveyed as the truth from the artist, to make up the artist’s individualism. One, as an artist, should not be proud of their accomplishment to create pain in a viewer, out of the shock confusion that is the typical reaction to abstraction. One, as an artist, should be proud of their accomplishment to heal another’s pain. This latter way makes art the objective expression.

An expression, being something for external offering, is like art, being a gift. Like love, it is never deserved, though is simply given. If this writing confines art, then such a person stating that must believe that love is a confinement, or that love should never be the free emotion. Rather, through this, it is proved that art is free in its expression, and free in the healing and love it offers.

We are pained people, and even if we lack a talent to properly swipe a canvas with a brush, whatever else we create is fulled with clarity. If someone still disagrees, then go ahead to raise your children, your own creations, with deceit. Go ahead to become your nation’s next Prime Minister or President, to rule through sheer manipulation. Whatever you create will only ever bury truth deeper, though won’t kill it.

Make art into something known as the objective facet of honesty from the artist. When an artist can create, he or she can create something that was buried. To spawn life from something thought to be forgotten. For what else makes the eternal art, as the art connected to the healing force of love, if not for something we believe is dead, though the memory lives on? Is this why an artist’s works are never appreciated fully during the artist’s time?

Philosophy – “Why Art should Never be Political” – 5/13/2020

Why is it that over the centuries, we have had beautiful art that has touched the viewers, or the listeners, or the readers to a level where they had wept? It is because a common factor of humans is to hide a vulnerability. What had made them weep, was the art connecting to the vulnerability.

Politics is out in the open. There is nothing more open than politics. In fact, the more “open” something is, the less human it is, and the more mass produced and mechanical it is. From people expressing their homosexuality to the open, to those who want another to accept them for their “identity”, the more exposed something is, the less human value it has. Pretty soon, such things are only left with monetary value, and they become used as tools for marketing demographics, and nothing more.

Why is the genius always hailed as the once-in-a-million person to come around? It is because the genius is never mass produced. The genius comprehends things at a level most others would not understand, without writing hundreds of books on their knowledgeable subjects. Without the genius painting a million paintings, the genius feels he or she cannot depict what they mean to say to the world. And even then, it feels empty.

Everything in the open, among everything repeatedly exposed or simply repeated, turns the art world into something based on gain and greed. It objectively loses its touch with humanity.

Again, we, as humans, always hide our fears, our vulnerabilities. But, the art world is objectively meant to convey what another hides away. In that sense, it makes the viewer, the reader, or the listener cry to it. On that human level, it makes them want to embrace the painting, the poem, the music as if it were a real person. They feel as though the emotions in the work have connected to something they’ve forgotten.

Beauty is the revealed truth. Beauty is what art is meant to convey. The truth that is out in the open, is the same as differing the fast food from the gourmet cuisine.

Nature has her paws on all this, and no amount of “advancement” nor “progress” can ever withstand what she controls.