Philosophy – “The Necessity of Human Judgement” – 5/15/2020

Love is a judgement, pointed at imperfection.

It is because if God is a being believed to be perfect in His essence, then it is love that is the emotion for humans to feel, to draw a flawed person into perfection. We say over again to others to “never judge” another on their imperfections. Yet, what is the difference between seeing a problem and seeing simple humanity?

Humans are imperfect by their humanity. Though, when a human being loves another human being, we are loving them because love is the perfect emotion. Love is the only emotion, and perhaps the only thing in this world, to be called “perfect”. Therefore, such an emotion has no “existence”.

For an Atheist to say that God does not exist, would merely be pointing out the obvious. Everything imperfect is something a human can relate to, while everything perfect is something a human cannot relate to. We cannot relate directly relate to God, without spouting arrogance. We can, however, love. Through love, we are closest to God, to being perfect, as we can ever be.

“Existence” is only ever defined as “relation”. The familiar, being why an Atheist believes more in reality. Love has no existence, because again, we cannot directly relate to divinity.

Therefore, for a human to “judge” merely means to act as God, pulling someone with pain away from that suffering, to somewhere more peaceful. Like Heaven, that is the bliss of forgetting life, and embracing love.

To cite an example of this:

Imagine one loving human who has a friend whom they care about. That friend has a smoking habit, and has had it for years. They’ve both been friends for years, and the non-smoker friend has been procrastinating on helping their smoker friend. That smoking habit is, of course, a flaw. It has become a craving based on simple human imperfection. Through that non-smoker friend’s care for their smoker friend, they have made a judgement, might one day act on that judgement, because negligence is opposite from responsibility. Responsibility is something that is connected to love.

If we love, then we care. We care enough to make a judgement, and to pull a person with an evident problem away from it. It is only through that care from such a feeling of love, that with the perfection in love we can do something about imperfection.

If a scientist believes more-so in reality versus love, then they will only create further imperfections. Though, science is useful for the material and practical issues of the world. They are not so good for the impractical and metaphysical issues of the world, that are those to be the origin of what science handles.

It is true, through that last sentence of the last paragraph, that the feeling of love is what originates war. Yet, we confuse war to be something based on destruction. We only lose our lives because we were selfless, were we not? Is selflessness not defined as embracing poverty? In the protection, not the destruction, of others, we destroy those who deem to harm.

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