Touchy Subject/Philosophy – “A Matter of Racism” – 5/16/2020

“It should be easily understood that a person will only ever defend their own skin, their own hides, their own selves, when they find themselves to be physically in danger. It should be easily understood of any average human that what a person does not want to see about themselves, will be shielded by another layer.”

– Anonymous

To the person who says that another is racist, are they truly believing that this person being scorned is being scorned for their skin color, or for their culture, background, and upbringing?

If I can ridicule a person who is of a different race, is my focus the race, or is my focus the culture? And, if that culture is a problem in my nation, even agreeable by those of that same race to that culture, then how am I the one focusing on skin color?

How can a person be focusing on skin color, when they are ridiculing a person’s culture?

To the person who defends another against racism, perhaps the defender is focusing more on skin color, therefore causing more needless racism in the world. It is to say that any person who focuses on what is not being focused on, sees more shallowly into the subject, than the person speaking the criticism.

It is not to say that a person who truly is racist, has actually receded away from understanding a person’s culture, should be justified on their views. Though, it is to say that the word “racist” is used too loosely to be spoken properly upon someone who merely has something intelligent to say about an evident problem.

To see the culture of a race, be ridiculing that, not the race, itself, and then be called a racist, is indeed improper. There are those among a culture who will understand the evident problems within that culture, whether they be crime-related, or whatever else, and know that someone else of a different culture does things better.

Though, to those people who automatically rush to the defense of any person who is seen being ridiculed in the name of their race, when it is in the name of their culture, are they not realizing that perhaps they are the ones who are causing the focus on skin color? Is it not to properly say that with such automatic defense for such individuals, that they are the ones to cause the world to have these needless battles for race? Are they the ones at fault for this hysteria in our current world?

It is like many have said, “How does one end racism?” and the answer is, “Stop talking about it.” If one is talking about race, and never culture, one never realizes what the deeper matters are, as those “deeper” matters are indeed beyond the color of a person’s skin.