Poem – “The Darkest Romance” – Romance – 5/16/2020

As I escape
Into your face,
I behold a paradise of bewilderment.

You have dropped off
Tears, to make an ocean.
Your sadness is a bold reckoning
To the lonely sphere, called Earth.

I am enfeebled
By your hollowness,
As you renounce what we left
Behind, in the debris.

What did you notice
Upon that glance over your shoulder?
What did you see,
What did you believe?

I would, if my mind allowed it,
Wrap my arms around your deadened form
That still moves,
That still runs
With the faltering wind.

There is pain to breathe
Reveling exquisitely.
Of green irises,
Of chestnut locks that drape across
Your enamored voice
That only ever leans
To the torment of your choice.