Poem – “Your Face, the Image of Silk” – Romance – 5/16/2020

How dearly I've recalled
In these few moments, to this time,
The beauty I must describe, near to wine.

Oh, love
With your bluest of gazes,
Startling me as though I've stepped
Off of ground
To the abyss of an ocean.

Oh, love
With your scarlet cheeks,
Making me believe
I bleed with the color of rose petals
Or even the sun, when it sets for the day.

Oh, love
With your tresses so bleak
That rain from your delicate head
To ivory shoulders and neck.
I wish to sift through each strand,
Like soil,
To find where a newest memory did land.

When I find it,
I will show you
That it was only just a dream.
A romance,
A remembrance
To something that lasted for a while
To then fade to past miles.

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