Poem – “Of all Great Strength” – Romance – 5/17/2020

Allow my wings,
Strong arms,
To embrace you, wrap you,
Hold you, take you.
I shall withhold you, withdraw you
From the succumbing torment you've endured.

Love has wings
To take life away
From itself, that stings.

I endure the moments
To gather the future, together in my palms.

Let not the night crawl down your throat,
As only Heaven should only ever pour
In such a direction.

Your beauty is a scenery
Of blues near to greens,
Of your tears near to your flesh.

I love,
With all things caressed about us.

I feel the madness
Love wields
In its own mind, full of holes.
I feel what I feel,
The love that is perfect
For our imperfect selves.