Quote – “On Christianity and Love” – 5/16/2020

“Christianity is the only religion able to say that their god represents love. Any other religion in the world claiming that their god represents love, would turn love against its definition. Something that unifies, that is love, so a god to represent love can only be something that represents oneness. It is not to say that any worshiper to another religion are not loving people to their family and friends. Though, their religion’s deity cannot possibly represent love. Two gods or two deities to represent love would stop love from representing oneness. Even an Atheist can agree on the fact that love is an emotion that unites. Therefore, if there were two religions whose god or deity represents love, there would be a full-scale war between two gods whom we could never see, soon becoming seen. It would be the war that would attempt to prove love the imperfect emotion, when such is not true. It is never love that is flawed, though the people who desire love to reveal their own flaws. In revealing their own flaws, they reveal themselves. If an Atheist wants to again question the existence of God, perhaps then comprehend that ‘perfection’ is always going to be invisible, being something not fathomable to an imperfect human. A god of love cannot be visible, because a god of love cannot be revealed, without having nude and vulnerable form.

The emotion of love, understandable to any human, whether religious or not, cannot be said as something that divides.

If there are people who have said that faith divides, then they’ve never seen their own feet. Fear is our feet. Life is our form. Love is our mind.”

– Anonymous

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