Poem – “To Resist Freedom” – Romance – 5/21/2020

How does a man, as me
Realize what tears him apart,
Until the moon shines through his open soul?
Until the tears are all that is left to eat?
Until the future brings no sunrise,
Because all that is left to witness
Is the sunset?

I find freedom to be
The incredibly lost feeling,
Sailing upon the void in my heart,
Like some black ocean.

Why are lies let loose
Just to reassure the self?
Why are my eyes let astray
Only to find the most meager of light,
That diminishes in but a moment?

Tears swim in their own bath
Beside the candles, where no flesh resides
To be bathed of its filth,
For what cleans her
Is some realm of alien darkness.

I hoped to be alike the selfless me,
Though to lose control
To take within myself, the freedom,
Is the tragedy.

I want to bleed, though not to sail
Upon the crimson tides.
I want to feel, though not to cause those emotions
To stray too far from their focus.

What eyes I wished to embrace,
What a form I wished to kiss,
Though never was able.

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