Quote – “As Men Weep” – 5/21/2020

“The saying remains that we are not a reflection of a social realm, though it is true instead that society is a reflection of ourselves, of our own hands, as it is in our own making. Why men weep, said to be rare, is not a teaching by society. In fact, it is a result of what men are, known to be strong, though to never express emotions as profoundly as a woman. Is there any problem in a woman expressing her emotions, as often as she does? Are we next going to say that the expression of emotions, no matter how often, is somehow a wrongdoing? Are we to say that humanity is a beast? No. It is to correctly say that a woman brings out the humanity in a man, through what she feels, through what she experiences, through what she understands.

A man will weep, though only in the open to express his brokenness. Without strength, as in, without his strength, without his woman near to him, he is broken. Love is, to a man, something that cannot be fathomed, until fathomed. To a man, love is something he’ll never realize is his utmost importance, until he finally allows himself to experience it.”

– Anonymous

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