Poem – “As the Angels Attempted to take You” – Romance – 5/24/2020

I saw the black circles
About your sleepless eyes,
Formed in the waking grief
Of something lost from our hearts,
Of something that quakes in the debris
Of a thousand unveiled moments
Where the thuds of such ruby
Cannot be anymore counted.

Where the blood stopped moving
Freely on its path through limitless veins,
There was you among the fog
Of all drifting moments,
Where beauty cannot fathom itself
Upon the cracks in the symmetry.

You were lost among the rivers,
Complex in their combining.

We were lost among the highways
Where lights no longer exist to guide us.

I saw when you attempted to breathe your last,
As the angels waited
On the lonesome road
Where fields are burned to the side,
With forests the same.

You threw tears at your feet,
You bled the world into sleep,
Coming from everywhere deep
That does not seem to heed
To each moment in the dreams,
To each eye of yours that gleams
To the petals upon the bud of newness,
Where love showers upon, like rainfalls from Heaven.

What love ever martyred itself
In the hearts of new loves left untold to be sung?