Poem – “The River that Moves” – Romance – 5/24/2020

When will life greet you
Upon the river that moves
Ten feet apart from the shoreline,
Five feet apart from the skyline,
One foot apart from me?
For nothing is ever even in its distance
From yourself,
Among your woes,
Among for each world that you cry for
In your solitary glimpses of things that seem to never

Run towards the shoreline to be safe,
For you are drowning.
Run towards the skyline to be safe,
For you are falling.
Run towards myself to be safe,
For you are sinking.

Pain greets empathy
Like the moon eclipses the sun,
Like two birds beginning to fight
For the dominance of one.

Love left you no boundaries,
No echoes,
To where the sun spills over its warmth
Upon your cheeks,
For you will cast yourself in the other direction
To fly free from my entertainment
Of a new certainty.

My eyes see matching currents
To the river that moves.
One will glide you along,
While the other will lift you to one
Who knows you best,
Who comprehends each sting of your heart,
Brought from bees without honey.