Poem – “When Eyes did Meet” – Romance – 5/24/2020

Upon the half-way
Between dusk and dawn,
Our eyes did see the scars of the Earth
For the stars of the universe.
We allowed each moon to come falling
To our open arms,
Finding finality in where it had landed,
Between us,
For us.

When worlds come together
In the dawn, the nearing to an end
Of a drifting sleep,
I stop to see the reason I crashed
Like a bird whose wings vanished,
Down in the arms of the one I knew best
Could see me
For wounds, manifold,
For the haunting stare, I hurl forth.

I beat motions from my heart,
Stilling all else
By my drifting senses, in this tumbling sleep.
There is still something to fathom
In comprehension of the daytime,
When the moon can be merely a moon,
The sun merely the sun,
As I linger on both worlds,
Finding beauty in either.

It is that my eyes can see,
Or rather, feel
The flames rise to descend
Back into the bowels of where they came,
Buried beyond graves,
Sailing beyond waves,
Lost, to then be felt
By every soldier to his hurtles
When wandering upon life's backbone.

We are as the universe, split
On the tides of empathy and joy,
Bliss and deception
Of truths and all else things unclear
About the world with its marks,
Its scars
Upon faded rust,
Upon the crusted blood
Of two gazes uniting that never fed
Because it is here where they truly wed.

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