Poem – “A World Watching Every Error” – Romance – 5/26/2020

Something speaks
The universe from your eyes,
The blood from your veins,
The sentences from your soul,
The messages from your heart,
When two men go missing
From the era of your desire.
Poor simpleton,
To the pyre
They have went, with your heart in their stake.

The flames grew higher,
The scents grew taller,
The world grew smaller
At the sight of their every trace
In every burn,
Only to turn
To a smear upon their face.
Wave your eyes, bat your lids
When feeling surrounds what you lost and hid.

I do know the message,
The curve,
The identical ink to a spotted remnant
Upon what they did believe
Marked your heart
In the sullen smile,
In the open mile,
In the burn that mourns the ocean
For what it could not make of itself.

We are alike
The world watching errors.
Of scientists to their scalpel
To dig through flesh, and saw through bone.

We mind nothing
In the remnants in what aches,
In the decay of what breaks
Against the shoreline.