Poem – “Pull Back the Ebony from your Eyes” – Romance – 5/26/2020

Wed roses together,
When we share together
Deep moments, until the wreckage of hollow moons,
Under the gaze with harbored tears,
When faded photographs
Are yours to swear
Were not together there
With the failing of your heart.

You have music to play?
Then, play it,
Sound it
In the drums of drunken song.
All along
You sought for the comfort
Of sheer glimpses of disbelief,
When loss comes into the rest of sleep.

You have trembling fingers,
Bleeding eyes,
Motionless sighs
That hold Neptune in one gust,
Bacchus, in the other.
Where will you drown,
When Mars is at your doorstep?

By the bliss of a thousand uncertainties,
By the loss of a million misfortunes,
You have come to be
The universe, intact,
Sought to be,
Our lives, in how they lack
Movement, upon their frigid shoulders.