Poem – “When Irises Cross” – Romance – 5/26/2020

When hearts tangle veins in a circle,
When motionless beats are unfurled as loosened seeds,
When beginnings are reaped, as endings are sowed,
When miles are left for the ocean that sweeps
All else into its bottomless form.
What hunger can I reign into you
To have what is left for me?

I come in thin bursts
To your feeling
Of our torn circle,
Of our torn veins,
Of each stain created from a painless beginning
To the motionless end.
I have this, the mere seed to never sprout.

Just a newness that receives
Just a tear to make it wilt
Before it ever grew.

Tranquility is the desertion
From the screams,
Though the desert deserves its growth.

How long to yell?
How long to tell
When my mind can at last silence
Its mighty call?

Beauty beats a heartfelt affinity
Upon the rugged shores,
Upon the stilled evermore,
As death has gladness in its eyes,
Washing torrents from the black holes,
Watching worlds bleed their loss
Upon when irises cross.