Poem – “Let us Start with a Kiss” – Romance – 5/31/2020

We will lay here
To count each others wounds,
Frozen of blood,
Leaking of shame,
Like the stars above us.
You are the world I once knew,
So let us start with a kiss
To see how you grew.

Your eyes, the color of the sun,
With your eyelids, the covering of the universe
When the light escapes
All places to find view.

I am in all places miserable,
While nothing is to be seen
Of where I originate
On the holograms of time.

Please let me kiss
The two lips that breathe out from themselves,
Parted, to release the ocean
Down my barren throat,
As I send myself shivering
To the glaciers that free themselves
From the mountains that raised them
On shoulders, as cold as the snow.

I would like freedom
From my promise to you,
Yet I am disallowed the kiss I requested,
Only to see you rise, sky-high
Away from my pain
Where it only nests seeds in the dirt,
So that I may never reach a height
Beyond my grueling plight.

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