Quote – “Why Quality is Erased through Quantity” – 6/1/2020

“Quantity is the essence of numbers, as much as it is based on division of something valued to represent knowledge, to become subjective. Quality is the essence of something whole, as much as it is based on the honesty that is perpetually valued, representing knowledge, being objective.

Replace the quality of something with mass production, and the quality is objectively diminished. Neither appearance, nor taste, matters in this scenario. What occurs, is the crumbling of the architecture of a thing. No structure, means that ignorance, not knowledge, is at hand.

Keep the examples in mind of what quality represents, to quantity. The currency of a nation, were a debt to be paid off, simply by printing out more of the paper form, will cause the value to be diminished. Or, an example such as the repetitiveness of eating the same meal, for a month straight, will cause a tedium, having the enjoyment gone.

Diversity does not relieve this, because once more, that ‘diversity’ will be forced, and never base itself on the knowledge from an idea. It will only be the diversity of introducing more unknown numbers, more unknown groups, while proudly believing these numbers need their treatment, without first being ‘known’.”

One introduces, through their love of quantity and numbers, a belief that people don’t need to be known, to have what they need in their lives. It is an introduction of purified ignorance, and ultimately creates entropy.”

– Anonymous