Poem – “The Enemy of my Pain” – Romance – 6/2/2020

Swallow me,
Darkened hearts,
Ruptured souls,
For I vent out the wishes of a dismembered child
Who breathes his own gulps of blood upon the stones.
A man, as a child,
As a servant to protest
Of one discarded soul.

I do not suffer enough
The remains of my youth.
Life has enveloped me, while love has left me
Drowning among the current of blood I leave
Behind my frozen footsteps.

Her heart, the bold one,
Cried for the fate of another small child,
Yet the literal one.

It feeds her the tears,
While she feeds it her breast.
A little white facade upon a blackened smile.

I leave trails of frozen tears
Behind the current fears, the current tensions
Tightening in a knot around my fingers.
Rotting in a bath, as I am
The man without sounds to make
For a beating heart.

There is love somewhere in the universe
Beyond merely myself,
When all I seek to do
Is soak in the bathtub of innocents
And their remains of what they did not do
To contribute to my pain.
All was I,
As I'll be
To the next stop in history
Where fires leak frozen, from the Heavens,
As death stalks every life
In newborn stillness, unending strife.

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