Quote – “A Reason to not Defend yourself” – 6/2/2020

“When one defends themselves, they believe themselves to not be at fault. When one does not see themselves at fault, they see others to be at fault. There is only the internal or the external. There is no third option, no middle-ground. There is only the one or the other.

Therefore, a belief, or an ongoing promotion, that a person should guard themselves will cause such a person who follows this, to find all others needing to defend them, too. For if they believe themselves to not be at fault, they will believe themselves to be perfect. Thus, they will hold themselves up as someone to be praised, rather than scorned or criticized. They do believe themselves at fault, because they are never internal in their words. For not being internal in their words, they never see what is wrong with themselves, despite feeling that bitter string during all days. Such a negligence only embeds the pain. They believe themselves and all others of their kind, to be the only ones deemed worthy to be critical of all else, except for themselves. Such people are always the self-loathing sorts, defenders of themselves, and will be the ones to criticize what is wrong with the world, never seeing what is wrong with themselves.

In hindsight, they will be the defenders of the world’s problems, never a solver of what is actually wrong.”

– Anonymous