Poem – “Oh, Love, I feel” – Romance – 6/3/2020

Without a tear
Swimming in the chalice of my defeat,
I can only revel
In the unspoken laughter,
Unspoken prayers,
That hide behind a layer of mist,
Clouded by judgement upon my poor self.

I eat tears to breathe
In the dust of a thousand miles of lonesome journeys.
I once loved with the heaviness
Of a man whose chest could be the aching universe.

Darkness mourns,
While the pale will plead,
For does the sun not realize how much it falters
To comprehend the loneliness of the shade?

I have loved
With the heaviness of regret,
When brokenness was all to be left
Atop her pale form
While I buried myself in the Hell
Of an encrusted shell
Where I steal myself a gaze, swimming in the haze.

I want to love, what should come everlasting
In the heart that does not want to mourn
What should only be left for the mourners
Of their own horrid Hell.