Quote – “When Justice becomes Consumption” – 6/4/2020

“The starving pauper who demands Justice upon their woes, upon their defeat in a social realm, will consume it, like any morsel of bread they find to linger in a waste-bin. The cruelest truth, is in comprehending that Justice must come from a source of personal stake, in embracing the effort of being responsible enough to uphold oneself, in that Justice. That is, offer Justice to a pauper, to one who is deemed as the ‘victim’, and they’ll consume it, like anything else edible. It will be an endless source to be given. What comes from this, is the continued birth of greed in the pauper’s mind, as they cloak their bare shoulders with anything that does not relate to the responsible self. By their miserable nature, the pauper has done all things irresponsible to be in that state. Therefore, one can only ever justify irresponsible actions, in the manner of offering Justice, when they negate the meaning of responsibility.”

– Anonymous