Philosophy – “Why Self-Discovery means Little” – 6/9/2020

It is that to “discover” refers to dealing with lust, with temptations, with deception, at its core. We will intake, and believe those things we’ve consumed will make us immortal, benefiting us so we can live just a few moments more. It is on the side of “immortality” that a person, in fear of life, in fear of creation, in fear of other people, will only ever consume what benefits them.

It is a feminine psychological trait, to consume, to be fearful of who to trust. In that consumption, a woman will state that it will benefit herself, in terms of everything that belongs within her. Therefore, when a society adopts this psychological trait, everything becomes about “inner” versus “outer”. For everything of a woman is about “what is within” versus “what can be conquered outside of herself”. For is it not a thing of Americanization to have “inner fighting”, and has not Abraham Lincoln also expressed this? That, when the days come when we fight among ourselves, will be when we destroy ourselves? What of the need to protect, in that manner? What of a man’s will to protect a woman?

It is in that previous example, that pharmaceutical companies become the ideal corruption to offer people what they need, for their inner selves. Selflessness is being seen for what a corporation can provide, over the loving family member. It is to say that a woman’s psychological patterns have been hijacked, to give society more of an edge when it comes to “self-discovery”. Therefore, by what we know of what’s been written here, it was not Nature’s creation of a woman to make her commit to the “first move”. Only a man, by this Nature, is a conqueror.

For in the simple understanding of a man’s reproductive system, it is in terms of what he wants for others, versus what he wants for himself. Of course, in what he wants for others, is often seen as the issue. A man is often seen as creating the issue, for all he controls of another person. Though, even for an example of a man impregnating a woman, and then leaving her, he has indeed given her something. Will that woman view the child as a burden? If it is of her to be responsible for the child, then she will love it.

Self-discovery is indeed “discovering the self”. It is based around pride, and selfishness. Create a society full of women who want to “adopt the masculine route” by joining the power of the corporate world, and they’ve merely added to that previously mentioned “hijacked feminine psychological patterns”. For such patterns have been manipulated for use, in the ways of consumerism.

No one should be able to deny that a person who consumes, wants for the self, never wants for others, breeds a weaker society. In that sense, a person who consumes, wants to look tall in all they’ve hoarded for themselves. Pride. Greed. Selfishness. It is never a woman’s fault, though it is right to blame those who manipulate truth. For is a woman’s form, her beauty not the representation of truth? It is, when you consider that appearances, different personalities, or just sheer deception, is always manipulated to being different, like truth.

When a person wishes to discover themselves, they are, in fact, neglecting other people. Everything of a woman’s reproductive functions are within herself. Everything of a man’s reproduction functions are outside himself. Even a woman’s clitoris has a “hood” to it, representing that concealment.

Self-discovery means little when all a person ever accomplishes out of it, is the negligence of their surroundings. Even if a man gives a woman a child, without ever tending to the child, it was still a gift. It is, of course, through love that a person believes they have no choice. However, for what a woman believes is something that dwells within herself, are for all the memories she has hoarded.

It is a simple fact that a woman has more of a chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, over a man. This is only one more example of the fact that a woman has “stored secrets”, and that her innate psychological functions are based around “what is within”. For all those secrets, a woman has much caution for who to trust. For what this feeds into, is a sense of “pride” in believing she need not trust anyone, only herself. It is that she believes she need not know anyone, and only ever herself.

When a society hijacks this psychological trait, we create a world that bases itself less on love, less on being individually responsible, and more on dependency and weakness. That is because in the lack of will to trust, and only ever desiring to trust the self, we fear the idea of doing right for others, in the name of both responsibility and love. We believe others should provide, should not neglect us, and that would have to come from a massive superpower.

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