Poem – “A Stilled Heart” – Romance – 6/14/2020

Without thee,
Folded, clasped in arms that do not break
Against the wind,
I have emptied
My heart into a solemn void.
What kisses are there, to make for
The endearment of a thousand more
Like yours?
What replacements
Can I fathom for the taking
Of those, I will dispose,
When none come near, to bring me to tears?

Your eyes,
Your heart,
I do adore, under the heaviest moon
While the sun lays buried in its casket,
While the night unfolds one droplet of a tear
Into my opened mouth.

My heart is knotted around edge to destiny,
While you bequeath the child, who crawls further to thee.
You have beauty singing everything
That can melt,
For your wings
Are heavy with the mirrors you can bring.

There is something within a cup
Made of frost, snow, and wax.
There is everything to melt of your gaze into my heart,
There is everything to drink of your delicious voice.

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