Poem – “The Current in your Broken Arms” – Romance – 6/14/2020

How would you hold me,

Without me loosening myself?

I sweat myself

Upon the white-washed streets,

As I clean these sheets, stained with your blackened

Tears, that do not clean

So easily, as the sun replaces the moon

For the newest day.

I can grieve, to swim in my ongoing current of

Ongoing fears.

How would you hold me,

Without me loosening myself,

Loosening dread,

Loosening all we wed

Under heavy eyelids, among passing clouds

That are as grey as your eyes, too,

That do not seem to move

Without being an inch displaced

From the world, the both of us faced.

We are as unity

Parted from the world, within,

That does not want to move,

Not wishing to rotate,

Unless with the wandering of a thousand more leaking

Currents, that bleed their infinite course.