Poem – “While your Eyes Warmed my Soul” – Romance – 6/15/2020

Among the beauty,
Among the clarity
Of ceaseless moments, there was you
With the roundest, fullest gaze
Drowning out my harbored haze.

You stilled teardrops
Before they fell, to their collections in Hell.

You slew the demons, as they were plenty,
Drawing from my well, to make me empty.

My love, with open arms to my cause,
I knew not what lurched me forth to the jaws
Of death,
Though, in beauty's reveling breath,
Sounds came to me,
Struck through to me,
The strings that brought me, to bring
The admiration for your appreciation.

A thousand drops of porcelain
Upon the fiery meadows,
A glance over one barren shoulder
To see the sparks that woke the fields.
All this, among all else
Drew me close to the stars in your eyes,
To see what could
Be the everything through my joyous cries.