Poem – “My Excuse for Living” – Romance – 6/15/2020

So much of a daughter

Resounds as the oceans within your smile.

How are we able, to stay so stable

In arms, as we quake like the Earth?

My only excuse for life

Is to make you my wife.

I have stopped so short on the path for a man's ambition,

I have made an instant transition

Into arms as round as the moon,

As full as those oceans, to drown out the gloom.

How will I ever part ways

Without speaking to the birds, to the shadows

To know of your presence?

Some other meaning

Has no meaning

In me, for all there would be is grief.

Life has no existence,

If once dwelling in the non-existence, of love

For I have taken to the Heavens

To have something that has been given, to the thousands

Who lost, did not appreciate

Something had, something to make them sad

Were they to lose it, at the curtain falling

Over eyes, as blue as the skies.

What meaning is there to life, else in the discovery

Of a thousand of the same smile

Like a thousand of the same horizons

Beaming of the same sunlight, of the same rising sun?


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