Poem – “For the Eyes of God” – Romance – 6/18/2020

For the parted wilderness
Under your eyes, in the denseness of gray,
We'll come together to play
Bleeding upon the gardens beneath our feet,
Like children without cause,
With laughter without pause.

I am in your temple,
Here to view you naked,
Like a stone had found some undertaking
By a different artisan,
Besides the one, of me
Whose hands are dug free, from the dust.

I see flesh, golden as the sun,
As I see eyes, watchful as the moon.
Your beauty is a field to roam,
Your desires, a chaos of my own,
As I send signals to all you've shown
Upon plighted kingdoms, I call my home.

I approach closely,
As I am nearly breathing
Like I held you loosely.
I am the soft vapor for your mouth to share,
The wedding wings, for you to stare
At great glimmers, as feathers mark my past.

You are the loosened rocks,
Driving from clouds, so light,
Cold, though now warm,
While the moon embraces the sun,
While the stars are counted for the one
To be kissed, forever endearing.

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