Poem – “The Tears come Rolling” – Romance – 6/20/2020

Wake me on the edges of her created lakes,
Formed from streams, from raining eyes.

Life drops loosely
From the one without love,
Without two irises raised, above
To the universe, that crashes in her own.

The lakes receive meteorites.
Simple stains, remain
On her harrowed bosom
That beats so fiercely beneath the hovering moon.

Wake me on those edges
To see what I could not see.

To see, the whole fires
That melt the face, of its seeds.

Not the beginning after an ending could create the smile
That holds hands with a greater destiny
Beyond the pain,
Beyond the stains.

I want to warm her heart,
Without a fire, without a burn, without the starving element,
Without desire, with my turn to share the greater implement
Of something that does not fade, does not part.