Poem – “How to Awaken your Frozen Heart” – Romance – 6/21/2020

Love was so wild
In you,
When faces had for fragile forms,
Quaking hearts,
Bleeding arms,
Broken souls, in the memories of our dear moments
We did not ever weep,
We did not need to sleep.

Could you have left
Your cross to the soil,
Letting it grow something beyond the pain?
You had died for another's smile,
You had died for another's longest while.
You were above, in the arms of mine,
Though you would fall on the thorns,
Where you were entwined.

Our opened eyes
Were upon each other's skies.
Soaring over the ocean, once apart
From the breath of sadness.
Love had remained the child
To spark a newness, a beginning
To something never to call an ending.
Now I will love what died.

Upon my own eyes,
Love once had wings.
Love could sing
Tunes to graze the shores,
Believe in more
Without the death of it
At its rotting door.


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