Poem – “Kiss Me, as you would a Storm” – Romance – 6/21/2020

Leave lakes
Beneath eyes of boldest blue,
Though to kiss me, will you do?

Wrap yourself in wilted petals,
Cover your dreams in tear-stained
Bold red, though now blackened by falling droplets
Coming from the storm in your irises.

Love has emptied you
Into death’s own fervent memories,
Leaving trails beneath your feet,
For many more men to follow.

Like the last,
I merely offer another added stain
To remind you
Of your increasing shame.

Leave alone
The storm to be carried by its own winds.
I have come to own
Your labors,
your tired eyes.

I am, as I seem to be,
This pain in place of your needed peace.
Though I arrived,
I have merely added distress
Dropping your tears upon your worn dress.

My wants are never your wants,
My love was never your love.

The dreams I keep
Close at Neptune’s heart,
Cause oceans to manifest,
Love to undress,
To unveil a vulnerable crushed thing.