Poem – “Within your Arms, and Bleeding” – Romance – 6/21/2020

I still vapor,
From your bleeding lungs,
Though the fever
Has left us on the road,

Our hearts reverberate
On hollow notes,
While beauty is but the standing stem,
Of the flower
That has lost its petals.
I want to kiss, though am ignorant of what I miss.

Takes place
In the fusion
Of two dreams that never made it
Past the stars, to the further galaxies
Where awaited unknowns, hold greater gravity.

I leave rivers for you to follow
From eyes that hold the infinite
My gaze seems to cross
The life with the loss,
When scattered elements, receive the simple burn.

My hands, the cold,
Your arms, the warmth.

My eyes, the faded serene,
Your heart, the gleam.