Poem – “Let me Go” – Romance – 6/23/2020

How much love
Can we kiss the roses with,
Before our lips become grazed
By the touch of thorns?

I did love,
I truly did.
You played notes upon the golden harp
To lure me through, passageways
Towards the messenger
Whose message was to remain silent
To your waiting game.

I fell through the clouds,
Through the stars in your eyes.
You felt the world collapse
In your bottomless grasp.

Luring me
Like the hound without a leash,
I remained enthralled.

Could you let me go
Like someone without a trail to follow?
I have loved this beauty
Like a thousand more hearts like yours
Never did.
Of eyes that never looked up,
Of skies that never descended,
Of nothing caught
In their arms as wide as the Earth.

Why am I not like the blind?
Like the hound with blue eyes, seeing the sea,
Frozen waves
With no current to lead me
Back to you.

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