Poem – “Kiss me Hollow” – Romance – 6/24/2020

Pull down your world upon mine,
And kiss me hollow.
Words are so unspoken
As the shells upon the shore
That never reached anyone's ears.

You have a gift
For perception.
See me on your shoreline
Counting the raindrops, the tears
Spraying against my marred face.
I have a wilted emptiness
For countless seasons I have witnessed
Clinging flakes of snow,
Autumn rain,
On my quivering skin.

Pull your skies upon myself,
To kiss me ever-more hollow.
I wear my sorrows upon my sleeve,
Sharing the moon, for its pull.
Melt your words, for they leave me open.

For the consumption of a thousand more tears
Draining from petaled eyes.

Do you see
The places we share ourselves,
In loving hearts, and irrational minds?

You've been the love I yield to,
Pausing for the respect of another
In this empty plain of my space,
Where keen eyes of mine
Can behold arms with lace,
Joys set in place,
Kind soldiers on careful marches.

Drop yourself into me,
And do so, in an instant.

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