Quote – “The Issue of Pride” – 6/27/2020

“Pride, in terms of identities, has only influence in egotism. For what is pride, in terms of identity? It is the pain of an individual, for each person’s beginning is saturated in the pain of labor. Work caused the blood to spill from the hands, by way of the creation to a foundation, while further work is done to spread the knowledge to that foundation for future generations. All beginnings, are soaked in pain. Therefore, create pride in terms of identities, and one has created pain after pain, which is division after division. What deserves to be named for ‘art’, is the expression that comes from the pain, made to heal that pain. Art is made to forget a past, because an identity is only ever the past, the pain, and the division of origin.

When a person is high upon their own pain, they are high upon their own ego, blind to being identified as being like another person. It is because a person’s pain could be another’s pain, though such people’s love of uniqueness makes them not want to identity with someone else. That forms their division. An origin may be different, though it is the same when all hold hands to go past it.

Such people for their identity desire stature, before achievement. They are stuck in their past, their pain, with no expression, and no future.”

– Anonymous