Poem – “Wherever there’s Tears” – Romance – 7/1/2020

Lift your sleeping self
To the rising sun
Baring a light upon your forehead,
In the stillness of your heart's death.
I wash light,
Like I wash your arms.
I waste light,
Like I waste dinnertime kisses.
All I taste is the bitterness
Of iron
Upon the tracks that race the train
Towards the extended miles
Latched upon my aching wrists,
Crashing to the dried earth.

You fight to end sleep
By the way you weep.
The way that you seem to keep
Unpleasantness, in what you seep
From eyes that drain the oceans
Or the skies,
As I kiss the lantern off,
As I kiss the candles, extinguished,
Like your body that leans towards the setting sun.
Like your heart that melts with the wax.

How does the Devil coddle you
On the blankets that surround you
Upon when comfort was so distant?

How does darkness warm you,
When winter is the parasite?
For you, that is the paradise.

Get your heart off the ground
To lift your wings,
To then bring
Your eyes into simple appeal.

3 thoughts on “Poem – “Wherever there’s Tears” – Romance – 7/1/2020

    1. People have said this to me before, asking how I write like this, especially in my college days. Though, you are the first in a while.

      I never studied literature, nor poetry. All I write I guess could be termed as “self-taught”. I’ve been writing for 5 years, with a passion. Many say that my work has a “classical ring” to it. I know it’s not popular to write in such a style, as many professors in my college classes have spoken against it, saying that my work sounds “too formal”, and what-not.

      Such professors who’ve read my work have used words like “archaic” or “outdated”. I never understood how an artist’s style, which reflects their individualism, can ever be a thing meant for criticism. It’s not something an artist can change if it marks them, as themselves.

      Of course, I never listened to those professors. Many others have spoken good for it. And now I have a contract with a local publisher in my state’s county who is publishing a collection of my poems. 🙂

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      1. It’s uniquely you. It’s so wonderful. Don’t change the way you write.
        I am very very happy you are getting published. I think the world should see your work.
        Be well.

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