930th Poem – “Bright Tears” – Romance – 7/6/2020

I fall with you
Down to the embers
With the morning dew.
I stay with you
In hearts so filled with contrast
To light,
To bright tears
On the waking mind
In the dismal shine.
We bleed, so much alike.

Like new droplets
Upon the petals
During a storm
That leaves its mark, upon the grave.
You are kissed,
You have been missed
By your eyes,
By your cries,
By your sighs.
Leave wounds wide open,
To let graves be dug up.

Love is a softness,
Hell has snow
Caked around your walking feet.

We grieve
So peacefully
In our lives,
That we wind up
On the other side.

Dreams are laid back,
Mouths are kissed
Under the wilderness
With all its boughs,
With all its heaviness.