937th Poem – “Stuck upon the Path of Disbelief” – Romance – 7/10/2020

28th October 1943: Hollywood actress Lana Turner (1920 - 1995) clutches the collar of her shimmering coat. (Photo by Clarence Sinclair Bull/John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)
She shed rose water
From showering eyes,
Leaving duress upon the caress,
Contemplating futures,
Where all I meant to go
Was one step backwards
To where I began.

The meaning of all
I have lost
On this road of no miles
Leaves hearts wide open,
My heart
Filled with the filth
Of a thousand perplexities.

Her eyes,
Her skies,
Her waters,
Her sobering
To the sounds of birds with wings,
While I feed the area across
The lake, with mildew.

Love wishes
Sounds to escape
From panicked hearts.

I bleed what I hold
In hands that face the mercy
Of a thousand lacking waves
Upon the surface
That leaves me
What would the world do?