938th Poem – “Naked One” – Romance – 7/10/2020

How can shattered hearts
Mend as one?
I bleed what you cannot see
From me,
For my pain
Remains to you
A stark blindness.
Upon the path of your story,
You are filled,
You are freed
From inescapability.

Love is perilous,
Death seems merciful
To you, in this heat,
In this bleak
Contrasting moments
From the radiant hues
Of a sky that looks worse than the grave.

Death grows in you,
Love has walked out the front door
On hands,
With its mouth silently laughing.

Blood remains
On our door,
On our floor,
While eyes are crossed in the wilderness
Where nothing grows.

I want,
Though we cannot have it,
Cannot see it,
Cannot feel it.