939th Poem – “Of Pain and Bright Light” – Romance – 7/11/2020

Wield me
In your verse,
In your river
Of words spilled upon the platter
Where servants come to take
For those deserving
Of our pleas, of our cries.

Tears have formed the streams for us to walk
On manifestations.
Beauty is the open trail
While sadness leaves itself to be
The guttural wail.

I hope,
I dearly hope
We can meet in the next life over,
In the next shelter
Where rainbows make us, our bright light.

No more pain,
For there have been
Too many stains
Building upon the surface of our eyes,
To run like the contents of our hearts.

Life troubles,
Love doubles
On the perspiration,
The pressure
Of much anticipation.


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