Philosophy – “The False Promotion of Self-Esteem” – 7/10/2020

“In a world full of towers, only their shadows make themselves the blankets over what cannot sprout.”

– Modern Romanticism

What becomes of a person who is encouraged to feel good of themselves, not care for what others think of them, and to be their own person? They become the one who never yearns to see the world of another, because in being simply themselves, they never want to be someone else. For if they were someone else, they’d see another world, learn something vast, and be empathetic.

Self-esteem is only ever lowered, when a person will care for what others think, either of them or of others around them. That is, they are brought down with the rest, to the level of pain. A person, in pain, is someone who can connect at their origin. Where a person began, is pain. This origin is also another person’s origin. An origin, or roots, make us the beginning of all life. It is the level where any person can connect to another, around them.

When a person lives, they find light. When a person is in pain, again, they are beginning, once more. Therefore, the person, in pain, has stooped to the level of their own roots. They see the seeds that have yet to be sprouted. It is backwards-thinking to assume that when we are small, we are thought of by others who have grown. It is, instead, correct thinking to believe that when we have grown, we are thought of by others yet to be grown.

Those who grow, are those who are growing alongside others in their growth. Those who have grown, are meant to stoop down, while being cut to the size of those who have yet to grow.

Even those who have grown, can feel the pain of vulnerability. They feel small, in that vulnerable state, like being a child, once more.

To promote self-esteem continuously makes a person who believes, in their heart, that they cannot be cut down. They are, as well, in the belief that no one is able to think critical of them. Because of this, they do not look to their feet. In not looking down, in continually being told to “keep their chin up”, they do not see who suffers at their feet. Again, to have low self-esteem, is to be dropped to the level of those sufferers. To empathize and to be human, is to be in the same shoes, the same world, as where a person suffers.