Philosophy – “Sophia against Sophia: Discovery versus an Absence of Choice” – 7/18/2020

What makes the woman feel empowered? In the two eyes of mine, and only the two eyes of mine, I have observed it to be somewhat natural for a woman to be interested in vastness. Vastness of choice, and never a submission to limitation. She is interested in what causes her horizons to expand, and her choices to be upon the numerable. She is not interested in being limited, for she possesses wings. It is that a woman yearns for freedom, craves it like the wind in her long hair, and can sometimes starve herself to it upon the time she exits out of love. Memories are to a woman, the entrapment of her from experiencing a more.

Yet, why has no one seemingly considered, in recent years, that a woman’s “desire to discover” is based around herself? To a world, she is the most “edible being”. By that, she is given many seeds, many sprouts from her womb. As she represents life, she can represent what is starved of life. For the infant to the child will display widened, curious eyes. It is to say that little things are immensely curious of the larger in physical size. A woman, in that sense, is interested in a man’s power, not in her own.

Does a woman, in such a sense, even possess power of her own, if all she is interested in, is what a man can do? Of everything small in physical size, will become interested in the large in physical size. For a man will display acts of chivalry when he can, so that her intellect is preserved. To think of it in this fashion, that a man of larger physical form, might protect a woman of smaller physical form. It is that he innately comprehends her smaller physical form to mean that she possesses a greater intellect than his own. For a man innately comprehends that she is much better than he, in that she will not be as brutal. For a large physical size, in the department of animals, means dominance. Though, of shadows, and only of shadows, is the physical size apparent. Physical size creates shadows, and it is why a man has been termed a giant. To a woman, being small in size, must mean that to a man, she is his light. A true light, as more than any sincere compliment, refers her to him as a truer savior than any act of himself to protect her from physical danger with his size.

The small in physical size, has much for intellect. The small in intellect, has much in physical size. There is no third path, anymore than a person has a third arm.

Sophia was the fallen one of self-discovery. Truth, to a woman, is of her, for she is consumed by the world, both of breast and of comfort. Whether that represent, to today’s time, “comfort food” or to simply be stagnant and fearful, a woman is the seducer to the giant, to breed the biblical “The Fall of Man”.

In truth, there is something discovered. In love, there is a person discovered, who makes up our reflection, being not of the one we had seen only of ourselves. For to knowledge’s sake, we are seeing another world, yet a familiar one, for part of that discovered world of love, is ourselves.

Can a woman see that she is the tool of growth, to any nation, to any culture, to any idea of critical thought? Yet, she can be treated as not loved, though produced in a perpetual nature, enough to be someone mass produced of her expulsions. She expels from her the infants for newer generations. Though, when the world booms in population, this is misused, and mere lust becomes the lesson of any human. That lesson is the teaching for a human that they must create, to create, again. Love, or rather, having no choice, has no meaning in this.

For when we love, we have already discovered. And, when we have devoted ourselves, in the name of our life, to that special someone, we lack any choice to escape from them. It is that we do not want to escape, for we have already escaped from a worse world to a better one.

A man realizes to himself that he had nothing in his life, before he enters a woman’s arms, to then comprehend that he has everything.

A woman is the missing ingredient to a man’s moronic existence of continuous ambition. His life of independence halts when he has found a woman, having discovered his answer. To encourage a woman to engage in careers that pertain to science, might relate to the fact that a man has to halt all personal progress, soon as he has found love. When a woman’s psychology is used by the world to create the innumerable choices a society can have, there is no halt of progress. There is, again, the mass production coming from within her. She is continually used, though as merely a means to no end.

When possessing no choice, there is devotion. Though, not to the material, as having no choice will be for the non-material and organic. We love what relates to us, as we relate to what loves us. Therefore, in having no choice, we are not materialistic.