965th Poem – “Everlasting Embrace” – Romance – 7/19/2020

Do you hold on
To the rings we carry
On fingers that have bled
More droplets than beneath our eyes?

We have held on,
With hand upon hand,
Wrapped in a circle,
Not yearning to release.

You squeeze,
Though, are gentle
In your tightness.
Our arms are around.

Wield me,
As I wield you
Under the fires of the world.
Our blood streams down the pages of time.

I am holding,
We are staying.
I am trying to not let
The wind carry us to uncertainty.

Our love
Shall hold like we have stretched
Our arms to be around
Our forms in the soil.

Keep me close,
As I keep you near.
We will not let the waters take us,
Nor tear us
Apart from the other
In this everlasting embrace.

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