966th Poem – “Unguarding You” – Romance – 7/19/2020

Letting the rain
Tuck your arms beneath the covers.
Letting the fallen snow
Filter your eyes from the remnants
To a pitiful stream of sunlight.
I am releasing you
Of the guarded you.
You held up your shield long ago
When you resisted my kiss.

I will wake you
From this ebony sleep
To come into the arms as pale
As the time we spent in the sun.

I love what wilts
Beneath the stained quilts.
You have a face that startles the morn
Kept in the pages that became so torn.

It is to your eyes, embedded in black,
Then to your lips, covered in red,
That I lay against the sky
For you to tell me why.

It is to your form, that has graces so worn,
That I will love, what can come to above.

Unguarding you, means to open the Heavens
To grant you my kiss, that you had surely missed.

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