967th Poem – “Dreams made of Silver” – Romance – 7/19/2020

We had lacked
All we can grant back
To men upon their sailing oceans
That reside
In their despondent eyes.
They cry waves
To the maidens whose devotion they gave
Upon the furthest lands across
From themselves, in the saddest miles
Of whole loneliness.

In speaking of dust,
There can be spoken of silver
Gracing cheeks that have been so meek,
So submissive to the call of distant thunder.

Waters of happiness
Were our grace of plenty.
Anguish and skin that trembles
Becomes what we behold for silver.

Resistant in our porcelain,
September becomes our somber notes
Of earliest fall,
To the dutiful call
Of a nation with its graves
Of an ocean with its waves.

Is our casket full of water,
As it is full of silver?

Dreams made of an ocean, beneath the moon
Go out to the sailors, lost in loneliness,
Lost in gloom.