987th Poem – “Your Lips Pull Me” – Romance – 7/22/2020

How long must I
Call my knees to fall
To your lips lowered neatly
To the fossil of me?

You turn a head
Towards God and His head.
He pledged a kingdom to you,
Of a great castle,
Not bleeding,
Though needing.

I am a broken man
Needing of only one chance
To call me up
To your arms, to your cup
Where you drink the wine
To your lips, to be mine.

The great wanderlust
Over your fragrant form,
Like a voyage through a meadow
With sublime resplendence.

The two seas
Belonging to each
Of your eyes,
Blessed me, to fall from
Sorrow's cries
As I might lay a petal down.

Starve me,
Keep me,
Love me
As I do to you.