988th Poem – “My Love of Red Lips” – Romance – 7/22/2020

Enthrall me,
Surround me,
Teach me
Words of a pioneer's tutoring.
I am the man who has forgotten his name
Upon saddest ways.
My trails I create
From eyes as cold as winter's throat,
Bury me beneath,
Bury me below.

Your love
All I crave,
All I want,
All I need.

Let the folds to your skin
Be the waves
To the next ocean to cross.
Let the scent to your flesh
Be something to breathe,
Not the pain to which I seethe.

I make myself the man
Who cannot stand
When he
Has fallen to knees.

Pain has brought me low,
Your love shall raise me,
Your love shall change me,
Your love shall arrange me.


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