Quote – “When Beauty Changes…” – 7/23/2020

“…It can be imagined of a scenario where a man’s wife is no longer the beauty he once knew, who held his life in a place of normalcy, because she has undergone a change due to a disease. One cannot shun the man who does this. It is because a man’s psychology demands him to love what should be protected, which had begun the relationship to the marriage, in its budding. Though, when a disease strikes, what is there to protect, besides what will die? A man finds himself unable to protect what he has no power saving. That is a man’s version of grief, for in her perpetual weakness, he becomes powerless and submissive to that disease that has proven itself stronger than anything he has encountered. Upon the one he loves the most, a man’s grief is almighty in its specific version, when all his efforts can be proven a nothingness.”

– A Dissertation on “Beauty”

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